Should Artificial Intelligence Robot Dolls Be Given Rights

When we talk about robotic artificial intelligence (AI), we usually feel very mysterious and think that this can change the world. But many experts say that if you really know artificial intelligence technology, you will never show such a state of excitement.

The first artificial intelligence technology is very simple, and this technology has been applied to some washing machines and face recognition systems. The second type of artificial intelligence technology is unmanned. At present, many companies are already testing the effects of this technology, but it is obvious that there is no big breakthrough and it is not mature enough. The third artificial intelligence technology is like the movie scene we see. The robots already have certain feelings and can control their emotions.

The current situation is a breakthrough in the second technology, and the third technology is still very far away. Therefore, if a sex doll robot is given a feeling, it still takes a long time for development. They can't think about it, so they shouldn't have rights for the time being. Because they are just an item, they need human initiative to complete all tasks.

Therefore, the claim of the right to love doll robots is still not mature enough in the current situation and should not be paid too much attention.

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