Silicone Doll And AI Smart Sex Robot

Because the production process of silicone dolls is more complicated, only one can be produced per day. After the silicone is molded, there must be a cooling time. After the silicone doll comes out from the mold, it must be corrected to ensure that it is meticulous and can not leave any machine burrs to achieve the highest realistic effect. This is just the construction of the body part.

From the feel of the experience, the reason why there are so many silicone sex toys is that they are touched like real human skin, but also very fleshy.

Because the silicone doll is customized, the silicone doll is only from the body to compare with the real person, basically innocent, so beautiful body is the perfect body shape for human development.

Therefore, among the doll lovers, most of the players even think that the human body is not as perfect as the silicone doll. But it only refers to the body shape of the real person, and the silicone doll has no feelings, can't communicate and interact, and can't develop interactive new posture together.

After the body of the sex doll is done, it is necessary to start making the head of the love doll. It involves the appearance of the doll. This is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to complete. Only in this way can the customer's requirements be met. The pupil, hair style, and even face, mouth, nose and lips can be deeply customized. If you like some kind of girl, you can send your favorite photos directly to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will help you make dolls according to your requirements. This way you can do whatever you want with your idol!

Now in order to improve the market competitiveness of some products, silicone dolls can connect mobile phones for some simple conversations, but they can't achieve very realistic effects, and the effect is similar to siri.

Autistic people can also get some relief through the doll. Although this is a sex doll, sex is only a part of him. Most of the current dolls are more of a companionship, but when a person has problems in some aspects and cannot have a partner, the sex doll becomes capable. Accompanied their best companion.

Silicone dolls are enough to be fake, but he can't interact effectively, body interaction, language interaction is not good, basically a props that are left to the user. Technology has changed its destiny, and the sex robot project has already achieved many achievements.

The creator of the robot Sofia, the American artificial intelligence big cow Dr. David Hansen, the robot can make intelligent communication with people, and the micro-expression on the face is very rich, basically can achieve the real thing, but there are still some flaws, so our Science is constantly researching new technologies.

I believe that everyone is no stranger to Will Smith. He has a book "The Public Enemy of Robots" about the contradiction between humans and robots. Can AI rule the earth, and whether artificial intelligence can become a self-circulating machine to create machines to rule the earth.

Some people estimate that they can't wait to ask for a timetable. Don't worry, Dr. David Hansen has made a schedule: According to the development of AI today, by 2029, the IQ of AI robots will reach the level of one-year-old children. By 2039, robots will realize full rights. By 2045, humans and robots fall in love, get married, and even raise children with him or her, or become a reality. Husband and wife relationship, the most enduring relationship of this human being, will usher in a terrible reversal.

Sex robots do not only do physical partners, but also move towards the soul's companion. However, her technical requirements are relatively high and her production is more complicated.

Of course, there are also sex robots for women. After all, men and women are equal, and many women are more demanding than men.

With the advancement of social development, human dreams have gradually been realized. I don't know if you have thought about it. In the future, every family may have a sex robot. Not only can he clean the housework, chat with you, look after the old man, and serve the pet. At the same time, you can also make your family not derailed, and you can enjoy the three-person line and don't feel embarrassed!

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