Situational Hospital --- Sex Doll + VR Scene

Although the world is constantly evolving and people's ideas are constantly open, brothels are still considered to be an illegal place. Only a few countries have established exclusive red light districts, and most of the rest are still prohibited for sex trade.

However, this situation has caused business opportunities in other industries. For example, many people now use simulated silicone dolls, and it is not illegal to use sex dolls. Therefore, some practitioners decide to open a physical storefront, which is called a physical love doll brothel, which provides customers with a fun doll service. This is not illegal. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different customers, the store has purchased a variety of different colors, heights, looks, and dresses of the same proportion of real-life silicone dolls for customers to choose.

After the customer is familiar with it, you can add the manager's contact information. You can make an appointment in advance when you need it, and you can tell the style of the demand. The staff will arrange the room for the customer before the arrival of the customer, creating the scene that the customer wants. This scene is not only to dress up the fun doll, but also to prepare the VR device and the film. Customers can not only experience the realism of VR movies, but also actual combat.

This physical store has been opened in Spain and some areas of France, and their stores have attracted customers from all over the world. Many customers are famous because the business is too good, so it drives the local economy. Sometimes it is in short supply, so you can only make an appointment in advance, and only make an appointment to provide services.

As for the price part, one hour is 100 euros and two hours is 180 euros. When the sex robots become popular, these physical stores will expand on a larger scale.

The future is full of infinite reverie, everything is possible.

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