Software Development Engineer Realsex Dolls - Abby

Abby is a software development engineer. She majored in software development at university. He has been engaged in software development since graduation. So far, she has been working for five years. Abby is already the head of the software development department at the company. Many people think that Abby is a girl and it is not appropriate to do software development. Generally speaking, the vast majority of people engaged in the IT industry are men. This is actually a kind of professional discrimination against women. In terms of programming logic, women have inherent advantages over men. They have a more meticulous mind.

Since Abby has been engaged in software development, she is usually very busy at work. I don't have time to go out with my boyfriend. She still attaches great importance to her career. She hopes that she can become a technical expert and engage in programming education in the future.

Now Abby also hopes to find a boyfriend who can support her career and help her realize her dream. Would you like to be Abby's boyfriend? Then don't hesitate to order Abby realsex doll immediately, you will get Abby love.

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