Some People Fall in Love with Silicone Sex Dolls, Some People Make Themselves into Silicone Dolls

Nowadays more and more people accept silicone sex dolls, they will wear clothes for these dolls, they will also make dolls, and they will take them out to play.

When the buyer spends a long time with the doll, he will have feelings for the sex doll and slowly fall in love with this sexy doll.

In order to pursue different self, some girls will dress themselves and make up for themselves. Some will make themselves look like a silicone doll in order to make themselves look more delicate. The makeup of the clothes and the face are the same as the silicone dolls.

When they walk on the street, they will definitely become the focus. People can't tell whether they are real people or artificial dolls. Let men have an impulse to protect, and there will be sexual impulses.

This method can also advertise silicone dolls, so that everyone is more and more accepting about sex dolls, and they all want to have their own exclusive dolls.

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