Spend Time on The Soul - Companionship of Sex Dolls

My friend took me to see a collector's collection. It is said that he collects all top-level items, and it costs more than 10 million yuan to get a random item. We walked through alleys and came to an inconspicuous apartment. I was wondering how could the top antiques be collected in such a place? The collector came to open the door and opened three stainless steel doors in a row before entering the house. The lights in the room were very dim. It took a few seconds for me to get used to the light in the room. At this time, I suddenly saw the whole house full of antiques, so much so that I have to be careful when walking before I can go sideways. There were ceramics, bronzes and tins everywhere, and many scrolls of paintings and calligraphy were crowded into the big cylinder. The owner finally took us to find the sofa. The sofa was buried in the pile of antiquities. . There is also a sex doll inside.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling that antiques are over-congested, making people seem to be in the garbage. I thought that nothing could be too much, and it would be terrible as soon as it reached the level of "too".

We all like butterflies, but if the house is full of butterflies, it will not be beautiful. It would be terrible to think of butterflies that will populate the house with caterpillars.

We all like birds, but there are too many birds that can hurt people. Hitchcock's masterpiece "Bird", the horrible scene reminds me of hairy hair.

While he was in a state of distraction, the host brought out a plate, but instead of tea or coffee, the plate contained a plate of jade. Because my friend brags to my master that I am a master, although I strongly deny it on the ground, the master only ca n’t wait to take his collection to "appreciate" me when I am humble.

Even so, I had to appreciate it piece by piece, and praised it vigorously. When talking about a piece of tea-colored jade, I thought to myself: Why didn't the tea come out?

After looking at the jade, we turned to the master's bedroom to see the pottery and bronze. I only found that there was only one bed in the master's bedroom.

Although these bronzes are worth more than 10 million yuan, they can't feel their value when piled together. Later, I looked at a few more rooms, which was still the case. What surprised me most was that even the kitchen and toilets were piled with antiques. The host had not opened a house for a long time.

The owner of the antique told me why he chose to live in an alley, for fear of causing the coveted gangsters.

And he set up so many iron doors, with various security functions, and ordinary people spy on his antiques from the outside of the door, even a glance is not available.

A friend added: "He loves antiquities, and his wife and children can't stand it. They emigrated to foreign countries."

The owner of the antique said, "What do women and children know?"

I said to him: "Your antiques are so valuable and so many, why not sell a few pieces and buy a large display space for more people to appreciate? In this way, the house will not even have a place to sit!"

He said: "A good antique is not reluctant to sell. And those vulgar people know what is antique?"

When I resigned, I felt a little sad. No matter how great the antiques were, they were just "articles". How could they be compared to lovers? Besides, in order to possess antiques, I was scared when I was alive, like a prisoner trapped in several iron gates Cell, like a beggar living in a garbage dump, why bother?

What's more, people will leave the world, just like the old masters of antiques in his hands, there will always be a moment when they will put their hands together and no one can take them away. Real possession does not necessarily have to be possessed. Real antique connoisseurs do not necessarily have to be collectors. Occasionally, you need to appreciate antiques. Walk around the Palace Museum and spend dozens of yuan to see real rare objects. Tired, spend tens of yuan to drink the oolong tea specially selected by the Forbidden City in Sanxi Hall. Isn't life very comfortable? When I get home, the window is clear, I don't need three iron gates to defend, and I don't need to compete with ruthless things It's not easy to be enslaved but not servant.

Our lives are so short-lived. If we have a plan, we must have troubles; if we have attachments, we must have constraints; if we have gains, we must lose. If we spend time on goods, there is no time to spend on the soul. If we run day and night for desire, we will lose our health. If we become a pot idiot, a stone idiot, a jade idiot, an antiquity idiot, we will forget the preciousness of the loving world. What is the value of having a good meal, drinking a cup of tea with joy, one day of joy and no sleep and one night of sleep?

"Hundreds of flowers pass by, and the leaves do not stick to them." Life like that is what we yearn for. Among the flowers, there is "feeling", and keeping the leaves behind is "enlightenment."

Misunderstanding and appreciation, criticism, and praise are like the misty rain in Lushan and the tides in Zhejiang.

The best spring tea last spring will lose its flavor this year, so this year ’s spring tea is to be drunk. Spring tea is good every year, and the stoneware tea cup in front of me is also very good. Antiques, antiquities, diamonds, pearls, and even all the burdens are left to those who are willing to carry them.

Love doll is also a very good collection. Although it is not an antique, it is indeed a piece of art. She is very beautiful, and she has a good figure after wearing a beautiful skirt. It's like a complete artwork. At the same time, it can also satisfy your sexual desire.

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