Swimmer Japan Love Doll - Thea

Thea is a swimmer and she has been an athlete for 15 years. Learned to swim from the age of 6. The swimming coach at the time felt that she was very talented and wanted to make her a professional swimmer. At that time, the coach communicated with Thea's family, hoping to train Thea to become a professional athlete. Her family also agreed with the coach's point of view, and then sent Thea to start training.

Thea enjoys swimming very much. She has also participated in many competitions and won first place in many competitions. Her swimming strength is obvious to all. Because she often practices swimming, her fingers have been soaking in the water, and now she has no fingerprints. Thea is unable to provide fingerprints in some situations where fingerprints must be used. Thea also sacrificed a lot for her swimming career.

Now Thea is about to retire, she plans to find a boyfriend, and when they can live together, play together, they can enjoy life together. Then she plans to open a swimming pool to teach children to swim. Can you fulfill Thea's wishes? If you like Thea, then Thea japan love doll immediately.

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