Swimsuit Model Love Dolls USA - Adele

Adele is a swimsuit model. She has been a model for five years. In order to maintain a good body, she has been dieting and exercising.

Adele will not only participate in some swimwear model contests, but also accept invitations from some sellers as their clothing models. In addition to being a fashion model, Adele also likes to do some knitting work.

Adele is actually a very quiet girl. She doesn't like to go out to participate in some social activities. She usually likes to read books, raise flowers and do knitting work at home.

Now Adele has no boyfriend, she is also eager to find a man to accompany her and take care of her. Are you willing to take care of Adele? If you like Adele, order the Love Dolls USA - Adele right away and you will get her.

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