• We All Had Gloomy Eyes That Year

    The first time I saw her, I thought she was very similar to me. That year, we were only 16 years old. At that age, I still knew nothing about love. I just think she is beautiful. She likes white. We all sang on the way home: "Butterfly flying, like youth running in the wind." On the way to school, maybe I could see her on the corner of the street. Our table is not divided into 38 parallel lines. I always think of her as my little sister. How can my brother bully my sister?
  • Even If I Am Not with You, I Still Love You

    I often feel that people in love are like children. Be spoiled, co-opted, and be meticulous.

    do you remember? When we were very young, as long as we couldn't see our mother, we would cry because of uneasiness. In fact, my mother is just not in front of us. We just think that my mother is gone because we ca n’t see it. When we think that my mother is gone, we think that our mother does n’t love us anymore.
  • Distant Love - Sex Doll Love

    It was a city that could not be smaller. On the map, it hid quietly in a corner. If you didn't pay attention to it, you couldn't find it. Originally, she didn't know the small city. It was not until she met him online that she knew the city and knew it was near the Yellow Sea. When the wind came from the east, it was astringent and salty. Once she asked online, are you afraid of the cold? He said, not afraid, because you are in my heart.