• Nineteen Roses And A Handful of Greens Make The Sex Doll Fall in Love with Him

    On Valentine's Day, he took her to buy flowers, she was the first love doll he bought. The roses of this day were a bit ridiculously expensive, but he still bought her a bunch of no fewer than nineteen. The lady selling flowers wrapped her bouquet skillfully, and said with a smile and a beautiful smile, nineteen flowers represented a long time. Sir, bless you forever and forever.
  • Love in the Desert

    She is a very talented woman, smart and beautiful, with her own career, her own life and a brilliant philosophy of life.

    He admired her for a long time. For her, he did not smoke or drink. He began to listen to some of the music she loved, read some books she loved to read, and also learned to make small dishes she loved to eat. For her, he even gave up the opportunity to work abroad. However, her pursuit of him has always been general, and he is indifferent to him.