• Sex Doll Solve The Problem of Love Between Them

    That year, girls were in the first grade and boys were in the third grade. The girl is very beautiful, and the boy is also the grass of this school. The boy likes to play basketball, but he is already in his third year of high school. There is really no time to allow him to go. He even skips class to play basketball, and the girl’s gym class happens to be in the first quarter of the afternoon. She can do it almost every time. When he saw him, the boy looked at her and smiled slightly.
  • The Story of Distance

    They should be destined. The college classmates entered the same unit after graduation. She is the kind of passionate romantic, beautiful girl, he is just an honest and honest man. She likes to go out and chat with him on weekends. When she is in a bad mood, she will cry on his shoulders and dimly. On long vacations, the two of them will turn off their phones to go out to play in the mountains and sing songs. But that's all. In his heart, he always felt that a girl like her would not belong to him.
  • Missing Like A Cloud But Looking Forward to The Wind Blowing Away

    I missed the clouds but hoped that the wind would blow away. "I haven't seen the sun since October." People are extremely bored with the cloudy days, and they can't help but express a common sigh for this forceful tide. Mildew gas can easily cause epidemic diseases. I thought about it carefully. I haven't really seen the sun. This day is a little bit upside down. I just feel a kind of depression and awkwardness, but I am sensitive to this ghost weather. what's wrong? It must be a partial symptom of the heart.
  • Lover - Sex Doll

    She met him on the gardenia garden, when she was a beautiful girl, he was a beautiful young boy. Inadvertently, he took a picture at the heart of the girl.

    She inquired about his news, and the more she understood his excellence, the more she liked him. It is said that love is the accumulation of likes. In four years, she walked from Jasper Nianhua to Tao Li Nianhua. His talents grew stronger, and her likes grew stronger.
  • The Most Beautiful Love Story in The World

    Willow fluttered, and I passed by her, glanced at each other, and at that moment it seemed that there was a current flowing through my body. A pretty girl, is that feeling called love? I told my friends around me: "I seem to be in love." My friend said with a smile: "I know her, and I'll help you get in touch." I tried to stop him, but I suffocated.
  • Perfect Pursuit

    A friend told a story: one of his friends married a smart and capable wife, and he loved her very much. However, this wife has a knot, she always dislikes her husband too introverted, will not please her. In addition, what made her sad was that after a serious illness, many chloasma developed on her face.
  • Five Minutes And Twenty Years

    Wherever the winter wind blows, it is bitterly cold. At noon, when the train I took on a business trip slowly arrived at this small station called "Zixia", no one opened the window to change the air despite the dullness in the carriage. My eyes looked languidly through the thick window. It seems that this is a very small town.
  • Just Met You

    Is there a song called? Just happened to meet you? Coincidentally, I just met you. In the story, the girl pretended to say deeply: "Life is alive, some people will only pass by when they meet, and some people will be stalking. Because I just met you, leaving a footprint is beautiful." The girl said It doesn't seem to be true, no blush and heartbeat. She thought that this was probably the most subtle and romantic confession in the world.
  • Even If I Am Not with You, I Still Love You

    I often feel that people in love are like children. Be spoiled, co-opted, and be meticulous.

    do you remember? When we were very young, as long as we couldn't see our mother, we would cry because of uneasiness. In fact, my mother is just not in front of us. We just think that my mother is gone because we ca n’t see it. When we think that my mother is gone, we think that our mother does n’t love us anymore.
  • Love in the Desert

    She is a very talented woman, smart and beautiful, with her own career, her own life and a brilliant philosophy of life.

    He admired her for a long time. For her, he did not smoke or drink. He began to listen to some of the music she loved, read some books she loved to read, and also learned to make small dishes she loved to eat. For her, he even gave up the opportunity to work abroad. However, her pursuit of him has always been general, and he is indifferent to him.
  • The Ignorant Youth Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

    The moment I lived out of the abyss, I did n’t dare to think about it for a second, just wanted to live wonderfully, and I would not be sad for the silly me back then ...

    At the age of 20, I have many dreams with my peers, many desires with my peers, many impulses with my peers, and many attachments with my peers.

    I know her because I work in the same company. I am the accountant of the company. She is the warehouse manager of the company. At work, we have contact and contact. Naturally, we met very close. After a year of acquaintance, we became the version in many stories, we are in love.

    At the beginning of the love, we go to work together, have breakfast together, go shopping together, walk together. This seems to cover up all the shortcomings of my youth. I feel happy and happy.
  • Love Between Us - Sex Doll

    After all, there is only one world
    Prepared us for the mature summer
    We follow the rules of adults
    Continue the child's game
    Don't care about people falling down by the road
    Don't care about stranded ships