• It Turns Out That We Love Each Other

    I often hug others, but I never hug you
    I always listen to others patiently but always ignore you
    Maybe you are not fair to me
    But I don’t want it to be an excuse
    I really want to say
    And want to tell you now
    I love you
    You always hold my hand
    A stroke of a word
    The temperature of your palm is still warm
    Warmly holding the back of my hand
  • The Story of Distance

    They should be destined. The college classmates entered the same unit after graduation. She is the kind of passionate romantic, beautiful girl, he is just an honest and honest man. She likes to go out and chat with him on weekends. When she is in a bad mood, she will cry on his shoulders and dimly. On long vacations, the two of them will turn off their phones to go out to play in the mountains and sing songs. But that's all. In his heart, he always felt that a girl like her would not belong to him.
  • Distant Love - Sex Doll Love

    It was a city that could not be smaller. On the map, it hid quietly in a corner. If you didn't pay attention to it, you couldn't find it. Originally, she didn't know the small city. It was not until she met him online that she knew the city and knew it was near the Yellow Sea. When the wind came from the east, it was astringent and salty. Once she asked online, are you afraid of the cold? He said, not afraid, because you are in my heart.
  • The Beauty of The Years - The Story of You And Sex Doll

    In life, there are always some intersections, along a heart road, out of the warmth flowing in the heart. Red Dust, once stunning, wrote Qinghuan in the eyes, counting the fingers around the years. Your first encounter with a sex doll is stunning and fate.
  • Spend Time on The Soul - Companionship of Sex Dolls

    My friend took me to see a collector's collection. It is said that he collects all top-level items, and it costs more than 10 million yuan to get a random item. We walked through alleys and came to an inconspicuous apartment. I was wondering how could the top antiques be collected in such a place? The collector came to open the door and opened three stainless steel doors in a row before entering the house. The lights in the room were very dim. It took a few seconds for me to get used to the light in the room. At this time, I suddenly saw the whole house full of antiques, so much so that I have to be careful when walking before I can go sideways. There were ceramics, bronzes and tins everywhere, and many scrolls of paintings and calligraphy were crowded into the big cylinder. The owner finally took us to find the sofa. The sofa was buried in the pile of antiquities. . There is also a sex doll inside.
  • Fall In Love With The Warmth Of Sex Doll

    "Time is a sensible child, looking forward to your hug, let me see you gentle smile again and again in silence, years are mature leaves, surround me at this moment, let me see when it blooms again Everything has just come ... "I will not forget, this is the first love song you sang for me, I remember clearly, the affectionate expression when you sing again, I guess you are intoxicated Okay, that ’s the first time I paid close attention to the boy in front of me, no! It ’s time to correct the boy in front of the cold video. This boy is a sex doll from SexAVDoll website.
  • Love Between You And Sex Doll

    There is a mutual wish, an emotional attachment, a feeling of affection, a sweet and intimate love in the world. This kind of love is not necessarily love between people, but also love between people and sex dolls.
  • The Story of Sex Doll Growth

    I am a sex woman. Yeah! I can't change my name, I can’t change my surname. Since I was five years old, I usually introduce myself to people like this. At this time, the other party will always have two big round eyes, the whole portrait is pressed by the pause button to pause for a few seconds, and then hey laughed a few times and said, Ha this kid, it is fun.
  • Sex Scientists Visit Female Sex Dolls - Experience AI Customization Charm

    A few days ago, some experts visited a factory in Los Angeles that produced new sex dolls. These dolls are realistic and highly customizable, giving customers a different form of companionship.

    Once upon a time, sex dolls only had human figures, and their appearance was unattractive. Today's dolls are not only fully customized, but also equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The love dolls made at the factory are made of materials that produce robots and are equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The founder of the factory, McMullan, said that he did not want to create a sex machine at first, but to complete artistic creation and make realistic mannequins that would attract people's attention and make people feel like they are the same as real people. The response to the model exceeded expectations and prompted him to decide to make a sex doll.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Application of Sex Dolls

    In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has rapidly spread its application and entered people's daily lives, such as speech recognition, face recognition, and machine translation on mobile phones. A closer look reveals that these technologies are mainly focused on the “perception” level, which uses artificial intelligence to simulate human perceptions such as hearing and vision. And some techniques have been applied to sex dolls.
  • Positioning of Silicone Sex Dolls

    70% of adult products in the world are produced in China, and silicone dolls are one of them.

    They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face, sexy and glamorous, but also pure cure, is the look of many male dream lovers.
  • Will A Sex Doll Robot Companion Replace Humans?

    Robot partners have different meanings for different people. Some people say that artificial intelligence is a kind of psychological companion that can cure many people. For example, a man who has failed to talk to a real woman because of a failed marriage, so choose a doll that makes him relax.

    There is also a man who chooses to marry a sex doll, because a sex doll makes his home less lonely. In his view, the emergence of a robot companion means a better life. After the technology is mature, the love doll can talk, blink, smile, then no one will feel lonely again.