• Five Minutes And Twenty Years

    Wherever the winter wind blows, it is bitterly cold. At noon, when the train I took on a business trip slowly arrived at this small station called "Zixia", no one opened the window to change the air despite the dullness in the carriage. My eyes looked languidly through the thick window. It seems that this is a very small town.
  • Unrequited Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

    The first time I saw her, she stood on the podium and introduced herself slightly jerkily. Her gentleness, erudition, and penetrating voice, and the calm atmosphere with which she always smiled, was deeply engraved in my mind, lingering. Yes, at that moment, I fell in love with her, and for 15 years, almost occupied my youth.
  • Love Story - My Encounter With Sex Doll

    Perhaps the beauty of life lies in its unpredictability. We all look for our own stability in our uncertain lives. Having experienced so much unrest and entanglement, I am glad that I still found my own immortal love. When I look at the Levis exclusive ring worn between my fingers, I always think of my lovely she, and I always can't help but show a hearty sweet smile.