• The Story of Distance

    They should be destined. The college classmates entered the same unit after graduation. She is the kind of passionate romantic, beautiful girl, he is just an honest and honest man. She likes to go out and chat with him on weekends. When she is in a bad mood, she will cry on his shoulders and dimly. On long vacations, the two of them will turn off their phones to go out to play in the mountains and sing songs. But that's all. In his heart, he always felt that a girl like her would not belong to him.
  • Missing Like A Cloud But Looking Forward to The Wind Blowing Away

    I missed the clouds but hoped that the wind would blow away. "I haven't seen the sun since October." People are extremely bored with the cloudy days, and they can't help but express a common sigh for this forceful tide. Mildew gas can easily cause epidemic diseases. I thought about it carefully. I haven't really seen the sun. This day is a little bit upside down. I just feel a kind of depression and awkwardness, but I am sensitive to this ghost weather. what's wrong? It must be a partial symptom of the heart.
  • Lover - Sex Doll

    She met him on the gardenia garden, when she was a beautiful girl, he was a beautiful young boy. Inadvertently, he took a picture at the heart of the girl.

    She inquired about his news, and the more she understood his excellence, the more she liked him. It is said that love is the accumulation of likes. In four years, she walked from Jasper Nianhua to Tao Li Nianhua. His talents grew stronger, and her likes grew stronger.
  • Distant Love - Sex Doll Love

    It was a city that could not be smaller. On the map, it hid quietly in a corner. If you didn't pay attention to it, you couldn't find it. Originally, she didn't know the small city. It was not until she met him online that she knew the city and knew it was near the Yellow Sea. When the wind came from the east, it was astringent and salty. Once she asked online, are you afraid of the cold? He said, not afraid, because you are in my heart.
  • The Beauty of The Years - The Story of You And Sex Doll

    In life, there are always some intersections, along a heart road, out of the warmth flowing in the heart. Red Dust, once stunning, wrote Qinghuan in the eyes, counting the fingers around the years. Your first encounter with a sex doll is stunning and fate.
  • Love Chocolate - Story of Sex Doll Minako

    Minako is a sex doll. She is a freelance writer. Valentine's Day is coming, she promised to write a holiday feature for a newspaper, but it will be cut soon, Minako still has no inspiration. She wanted to go shopping and relax, unconsciously came to a chocolate store. The shop is full of people, and many young girls are choosing chocolates for Valentine's Day.
  • People Who Understand You Are Always Irreplaceable - Sex Doll Love

    The interpersonal relationship is in love, and the companionship of love is understanding. The most true love always treats candidly; the most understanding person is always irreplaceable. Those who love you will love you selflessly and selfishly. Those who understand you will approach your heart and comfort your soul. In life, the most difficult thing to find is true feelings, and the most difficult thing to understand is feelings. Love is not just a passion that rushes for a while, but also a consistent loyalty. Only when you understand the soul can you resonate spiritually. Know how to care, there will be distress in the company; know how to cherish, there will be eternity in love. Those who understand love know what to give up and what to cherish.
  • Costume Designer Silicone Doll - AliciaKeys

    AliciaKeys is a fashion designer. Her college major is fashion design, and the instructors agree that AliciaKeys is very talented. After graduation, AliciaKeys worked for a big company for two years and soon rose to the design manager. However, there are some other factors in the company's work, and she can't play her special skills well.
  • Positioning of Silicone Sex Dolls

    70% of adult products in the world are produced in China, and silicone dolls are one of them.

    They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face, sexy and glamorous, but also pure cure, is the look of many male dream lovers.
  • Some People Fall in Love with Silicone Sex Dolls, Some People Make Themselves into Silicone Dolls

    Nowadays more and more people accept silicone sex dolls, they will wear clothes for these dolls, they will also make dolls, and they will take them out to play.

    When the buyer spends a long time with the doll, he will have feelings for the sex doll and slowly fall in love with this sexy doll.

    In order to pursue different self, some girls will dress themselves and make up for themselves. Some will make themselves look like a silicone doll in order to make themselves look more delicate. The makeup of the clothes and the face are the same as the silicone dolls.

    When they walk on the street, they will definitely become the focus. People can't tell whether they are real people or artificial dolls. Let men have an impulse to protect, and there will be sexual impulses.

    This method can also advertise silicone dolls, so that everyone is more and more accepting about sex dolls, and they all want to have their own exclusive dolls.
  • Sex Doll Is A Sex Toy or A Lover

    Some of the scenes in the science fiction film have been slowly realized. The development of sex dolls has also become a reality, and the speed of technological development has been synchronized with the speed of human imagination. At present, some sex dolls even have some body touch and sensing devices. The fun doll simulates the human reproductive organs and is also very real.

    In fact, many people are only interested in silicone dolls, but there is no real experience. So there are some prejudices. Customers who have actually bought a doll can perceive the advantages of sex dolls. Once they have been with the doll for a while, they will not only treat the doll as a sex toy, but may treat her more like a lover. They will carefully dress up the sex dolls, communicate with the dolls, and even take her out to play.
  • Voice Functional Love Doll

    Nowadays, some sex dolls are equipped with a voice function. If you press the chest of a silicone doll, you will hear the dolls screaming.

    The voice equipment of these dolls is mounted on the back of the fun doll. And connected to two lines, one is in the chest, the other is in the thigh root, so as long as you press the chest or the thigh root, these love dolls will make a gasp, giving you a pleasant pleasure.