• The Story of Distance

    They should be destined. The college classmates entered the same unit after graduation. She is the kind of passionate romantic, beautiful girl, he is just an honest and honest man. She likes to go out and chat with him on weekends. When she is in a bad mood, she will cry on his shoulders and dimly. On long vacations, the two of them will turn off their phones to go out to play in the mountains and sing songs. But that's all. In his heart, he always felt that a girl like her would not belong to him.
  • Missing Like A Cloud But Looking Forward to The Wind Blowing Away

    I missed the clouds but hoped that the wind would blow away. "I haven't seen the sun since October." People are extremely bored with the cloudy days, and they can't help but express a common sigh for this forceful tide. Mildew gas can easily cause epidemic diseases. I thought about it carefully. I haven't really seen the sun. This day is a little bit upside down. I just feel a kind of depression and awkwardness, but I am sensitive to this ghost weather. what's wrong? It must be a partial symptom of the heart.
  • Five Minutes And Twenty Years

    Wherever the winter wind blows, it is bitterly cold. At noon, when the train I took on a business trip slowly arrived at this small station called "Zixia", no one opened the window to change the air despite the dullness in the carriage. My eyes looked languidly through the thick window. It seems that this is a very small town.
  • Sexual Doll Situation Simulation Mode

    Sexual dolls have developed rapidly in recent years. In addition to the realistic feel of the dolls themselves, some dolls are also equipped with voice heating functions, and the degree of simulation is getting higher and higher. Now some manufacturers have introduced some sexy dolls that simulate being raped, which sparked a heated discussion.
  • Erotic Sex Doll Brothel

    People are increasingly relying on the convenience brought by technology, and they are inseparable from the development of technology in both work and life. Nowadays, many manufacturers use new science and technology on sex dolls, so the number of people using silicone sex dolls is increasing. There are even places where there are fun doll brothels.
  • Sex Doll Is A Good Medicine For A Lonely Man

    With the advancement of technology and the promotion of many industries, the current sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic. At the same time, the industry's research on technology has been continuously improving, and the most expensive simulation dolls are almost identical to real girl.