• We All Had Gloomy Eyes That Year

    The first time I saw her, I thought she was very similar to me. That year, we were only 16 years old. At that age, I still knew nothing about love. I just think she is beautiful. She likes white. We all sang on the way home: "Butterfly flying, like youth running in the wind." On the way to school, maybe I could see her on the corner of the street. Our table is not divided into 38 parallel lines. I always think of her as my little sister. How can my brother bully my sister?
  • Five Minutes And Twenty Years

    Wherever the winter wind blows, it is bitterly cold. At noon, when the train I took on a business trip slowly arrived at this small station called "Zixia", no one opened the window to change the air despite the dullness in the carriage. My eyes looked languidly through the thick window. It seems that this is a very small town.
  • Unrequited Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

    The first time I saw her, she stood on the podium and introduced herself slightly jerkily. Her gentleness, erudition, and penetrating voice, and the calm atmosphere with which she always smiled, was deeply engraved in my mind, lingering. Yes, at that moment, I fell in love with her, and for 15 years, almost occupied my youth.
  • Kindergarten TPE Doll - Selena

    Selena is a kindergarten teacher and she enjoys dealing with children. That would keep her childlike. She doesn't like intrigue. Dealing with children, she can let go of all her burdens of thought, and she is happy every day. She is responsible for each and every child, and she treats them like her relatives.