Tailor Best Sex Dool - Katherine

Katherine is a tailor. She is inherited from the mother's craft. Her grandmother is also a tailor. In fact, this craft was passed down from her ancestors for five generations. So many people know her. With the development of society, she is now doing custom clothing. Because it is an old store that has been inherited for centuries, and the craftsmanship is also very good, many elites in the society will come to her store to find her custom clothing. She never lacks business.

However, because one's energy is limited, it can't produce too much clothing, but all the clothes made by her are definitely the best quality and design. The price is definitely very expensive. Katherine can basically make a good dress in a week. Anyone who comes to her to customize the costumes must wait in line.

Because Katherine has been busy with work, she has never found a boyfriend. She especially hopes to find a man who can take care of her and be able to take care of her food and clothing. So are you the right person? If you like Katherine, please order this best sex dool and you can take her home.

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