Tennis Player Curvy Sex Doll - Jenifer

Jenifer is a tennis player who has been involved in tennis training since she was five years old and has been training for 15 years. She is a professional athlete, but because her talent is not very high, so far she is only a reserve player for the national team.

However, Jenifer has been working hard and she has participated in many competitions. The home is full of trophies and medals. These are the fruits of her 15 years of hard work. Whenever she sees her trophy, she will bring her great pride.

Jenifer is also a very sexy and charming woman, and many magazines invite her to take some photos. She also participated in the cover shooting of some advertisements. So now Jenifer is also a celebrity.

Because the work has been busy, usually still busy training, so Jenifer has not found a boyfriend. Maybe she plans to retire after two more years of training. She is eager to have a man who can appear in her life, be able to take care of her carefully, and bring more difference to her life. Are you willing to accompany Jenifer? If you like her, order her, Jenifer curvy sex doll will go home with you.

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