Test Sleeper Sex Doll Love - Jelena

Jelena is a sleeper, her task is to test whether the hotel bed is comfortable and give her advice to the hotel's services. In general, the test sleepers are only responsible for the inspection of five-star and five-star hotels.

The test sleeper is actually an emerging profession. This career has also developed in the past three years. At present, many hotels will invite test sleepers to test the hotel experience. The wages of the test sleepers are very high. The average charge for a single test is $5,000. Jelena is now trying to sleep all over the country every day, with almost no breaks for 365 days a year.

In fact, to be a sleeper is also required, you need to apply for a health certificate, you need to be healthy, but also look beautiful, so that you can give customers better service. Jelena is very beautiful, healthy and well. In some hotels she also offers a bare sleep test. However, this requires an extra charge.

Because every day is flying everywhere, Jelena has been very busy. So far, Jelena hasn't talked about love yet. She is now looking for a man who loves her. She is willing to live with him and live a stable life. Do you like Jelena? If you like Jelena, order sex doll love - Jelena right away, you can have Jelena

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