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Wen Zhe is my sister's colleague. I don't know anything about it except listening to my sister saying that he looks like a Hollywood star. That fall, I happened to be assigned to teach in my sister's school. My elder sister especially loved me since I was a child. I preached everywhere that I was her only younger sister. I knew that I was also assigned to this school. My older sister was very happy and always took me to their office to play. When I saw Wen Zhe in their office, when my sister introduced him to me, I said respectfully, "Mr. Wen is good." Probably I think the way I say hello is too formal and serious. He seems uncomfortable. He smiles a little embarrassedly and nods in response.

Has officially started classes, I have carefully prepared, taught, and corrected homework, and it is not sloppy at all. Probably because I have just come from my student days, I know the psychology of the students very well, so I am particularly considerate of them and start and stop classes on time, and never delay. For students who have made mistakes, I never reprimanded them like other teachers. They were always gentle, kind, passionate, patient, and tolerant. I ’m tired of class, and I sing with them. When I am correcting my homework, I do n’t just write a word “read”, or simply set a grade, but sincerely write some words that encourage them, such as “You are a Good girl, come on, "You are great", "You are making progress, the teacher is very happy," "Come on", no matter what level of children without exception, they can get my encouragement, students like me very much, in teaching Soon I will be like a fish. The curiosity and joy of being a teacher soon made me forget Wenzhe.

On a sunny afternoon, I walked into the office and found a white letterhead lying on my desk, with nothing but my name clearly written on it. Looking at this unfamiliar handwriting, I opened it in doubt: "Hello Xiaoyu: You must have been surprised when you received my letter, but if you said I knew you already, maybe you would not object, your sister has more than once I mentioned you, saying that you are always excellent in learning, that you are reluctant to eat food when you are studying, and that you always accumulate money to buy a bunch of snacks for your brother when you return home at the end of the month. Always rush to help my parents work, no matter how dirty or tired. Your sister is very proud of you, when you talk about you, you are always proud. So you did n’t come, I knew you, I heard I am very happy that you are coming to this school. A kind and sensible girl, I want to know more about her, can you give me a chance? It ’s Wen Zhe, my sister ’s colleague, who looks like Zhou Huajian and is five years older than me Boys.

I ’m a little embarrassed, everything is too sudden, I have no thought preparation, the important thing is that I was only 18 years old that year, knowing that when I was in a work unit with my sister, my mother had clearly told my sister to take good care of me and protect me from going up. What a bad man! (Ha) Is this a bad man? I thought about it, it seems not awkward, looks gentle, clean face, fair skin, always white and flawless shirt, straight trousers, blue floral A tie is a prince charming. Ha, do n’t allow me to be a nympho. I know that my mother is definitely not willing, (she thinks I ’m young and ca n’t think about it for the time being) and I really did n’t think about him.

I wrote a letter very seriously to show my attitude to him. I didn't expect that his letter would come one after another. I was a bit overwhelmed and had to ask my sister for help. The elder sister heard that her baby sister was chased frowningly, and it was very distressed, and she knew that it was Wenzhe, which was quite unexpected. Because my sister said that there are several girls in the school who like Wenzhe, he is unimpressed, and I do n’t know how to take a fancy film about me? Strangely strange, my elder sister thinks that I am seriously troubled by this, or she ’s out of the box for me La. Unexpectedly, my sister was quickly blocked back, Wen Zhe seriously told her sister: "I am serious, I know I am five years older than her, but I will treat her well, please believe me." Wen Zhe has never looked at him so seriously for so many years.

Wenzhe is so stubborn and persistent, regardless of my rejection and indifference. On a very sunny afternoon in winter, I was alone and listening to music in the office. Wenzhe walked in and sat silently opposite me, looked at me quietly for a while, and then asked if I would like to go out with him for a walk? I shook my head silently. Wen Zhe's eyes were fixed on me, so affectionate, so gentle. In order to cover up my inner confusion, I turned my eyes elsewhere, and deliberately turned the music louder. As time passed, Wen Zhe's face became more and more obvious. I knew he had his class in the second quarter of the afternoon. Finally, he couldn't help but hang out with the squad and stunned him. "Come with me for a walk, OK? I have a lot to say to you." I dared not look at his affectionate eyes, so I shook my head firmly, and buried my head in my arms, not to look at him. Wen Zhe held my hand anxiously but tenderly, as if he wanted to melt my cold heart with the warmth from his fingertips. But I'm very determined, because I don't want to hurt him, so I don't want to give him hope. My best colleague, Mei, came in and heard her greet Wenzhe. I couldn't see Wenzhe's expression. It was just that he still held my hand and refused to let go. He was extremely determined and persistent. It was almost time for class, and the teachers came to the office one after another, and Wen Zhe had to let go of my hand. Wenzhe called Mei out when he went out, and told me when Mei came back, Wenzhe asked her to help him take care of me, I was a little sad ...

The weather gradually became cool, and the joy of a bumper harvest filled the air. After a summer, Wen Zhe was still stubbornly infatuated and refused to look back. He can always find the time when his sister and I can't go home together, and then escort me home all the way. But he never troubled me, always sent me to the big tree 50 meters away from my house and turned around and left. I never gave him any hints and reactions, but Wen Zhe seemed completely indifferent and continued to enjoy it. A dusk full of colorful clouds came to the big tree again. I waved and said goodbye and turned and left. Wenzhe, who went out dozens of meters, suddenly returned, holding me gently into my arms, wet The kiss fell softly on my cheeks, my eyes were affectionate and focused: "Xiao Yu, can you entrust your life to me, please believe me, I will treat you well!" I think I'm about to collapse escape.

Wen Zhe ’s infatuation started to make me uneasy, I do n’t know what to do? Fortunately, Wen Zhe ’s family felt that Wen Zhe had reached the age of a marriage theorist, and he began to introduce his girlfriend to him intensively. Stay with me because I think I am too young, too much uncertain). Wen Zhe began to be reluctant to see him, but he couldn't stand his sick mother's death, and he fell in love with a girl. It ’s incredible that the girl was actually my classmate and friend (she repeated to our class, 4 years older than me). I was surprised that there was such a coincidence in the world.

During the winter vacation, Wen Zhe's face was so sad that he told me: "I'm getting engaged" and then stared at me without blinking, my face was blank: "Then, bless you!" Wen Zhe's obvious loss With a sigh: "Xiaoyu, this is my last chance. Before I get engaged ... Even if you give me a hint, I know what to do!" I only said "You are good to her", then in silence. Three days later, there was news of Wenzhe's engagement ...

I always thought that this should be the end. However, Wenzhe, who was engaged, could not see any joy on his face, he would still come to me, sometimes sitting opposite me, sometimes giving me a few tablets The ginkgo leaves tied by the red silk thread, or a poem or a small story that he didn't know where he picked it from, the melancholy in his eyes grew deeper. Seeing the letter he sent to him by his sister: "Wen Zhe, I'd rather die in your arms than see you ignore me ..." I feel sour and astringent in my eyes, tears Instantly slipped ...

I decided to leave. On the day I left, all my colleagues were shocked. I said goodbye to them in their puzzled eyes. Through the window, I saw Wen Zhe, who was five years older than me, standing in the office opposite me. Looking at me ...

Is the story over here? I still love him, so I chose a sex doll that looks like Wenzhe. He has great spiritual comfort to me. He will be with me so I won't feel alone. I love my sex doll.

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