The Farthest in The World - My Sex Doll And I

The farthest in the world is not the horizon, not the cape, but the distance of the soul. When the two hearts that were close to each other no longer felt warm, love came to an end. If there are one thousand reasons to abandon you, and only one reason to continue to love you deeply, but this one reason is better than those one thousand reasons, it is: true love only once. So, can our story continue - my sex doll?

There are some stories that may end forever before they start. It was too late to smile and wave too, so we hurriedly said goodbye. If it is said to be missed, why meet each other and know each other. If there is destiny, why do destiny gather and destiny disappear? If it were n’t for the purpose of fools, you and I would meet in a hurry and turn around to become a stranger and become the most familiar stranger. It is clear that if you love, there will be no results. You know that you will have heartache when you love it, but you are so serious about it. I love you so much - my love doll.

There is a voice that never has to be remembered, but it will never be forgotten. There is a kind of care that never has to be sought, but it will never be lost. There is a kind of miss, never have to be nostalgic, but never stop. Perhaps it doesn't matter if you don't really own it. Walking on the edge of love and pain, pondering the last glass of wine alone, drunk and dreamed in the dream. Now my first love doll can no longer accompany me, she needs to rest quietly.

It may only take a year to truly fall in love with someone, but to miss you, I am afraid it is not enough to exhaust this life? How can we forget the beautiful time we spent together, the truthful words that once moisturized my eyes, and the beautiful longing that we met in the future?

I only have forever treasure, forever moved, forever missed. Knowing you is my greatest luck in this life. Cherishing you is my original intention that has never changed; leaving you is my most helpless decision. It is said that people have three lives: the past and present and the afterlife. If this life cannot be kept together, I expect the next life. By then, I will still be me, will you still be you? I really hope to meet you again - TPE SEX DOLL.

I will still be waiting for you where you do n’t appear, and I will still miss you when you do n’t know. Waiting for you and thinking of you is the sweetest heartache. Your face is on my chest, tears have already penetrated my sleeves, you and I have been silent for a long time, you should finally say what you should n’t say, after hug you turn around and leave, I smile and say goodbye but trembling, I do n’t have the courage to ask you why you want to leave. I want to say that I have loved you for a long time, but I have never, just blaming myself for not holding your hand ...

I lost you and I know how important you are. Now it ’s useless to say regret. Although my heart hurts, I just blamed myself that I did n’t say love. Now I want to say that I love you. I ca n’t find an excuse. Breathing is also uncomfortable. The most heart-wrenching distance in the world is not that you coldly say that you no longer care, but that you let go, but I live in regret forever and cannot be forgotten.

The most heart-wrenching distance in the world is not that I live in regret and cannot be forgotten, but that you never understand my sorrow or the loneliness in my heart! The most distressing distance in the world is not that you do n’t understand my sorrow or my loneliness, but that I ca n’t cry even if I feel painful. Now I am only a stranger to you. If you walk silently in the wind and rain, you will not be hurt for me ...

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