The Ignorant Youth Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

The moment I lived out of the abyss, I did n’t dare to think about it for a second, just wanted to live wonderfully, and I would not be sad for the silly me back then ...

At the age of 20, I have many dreams with my peers, many desires with my peers, many impulses with my peers, and many attachments with my peers.

I know her because I work in the same company. I am the accountant of the company. She is the warehouse manager of the company. At work, we have contact and contact. Naturally, we met very close. After a year of acquaintance, we became the version in many stories, we are in love.

At the beginning of the love, we go to work together, have breakfast together, go shopping together, walk together. This seems to cover up all the shortcomings of my youth. I feel happy and happy.

When shopping, I will pick a lot of clothes. She always took my hand with good temper and said: "Choose, baby, don't buy now and don't return." "Haha!" I answered happily, " Of course! Do you think I look good in this one? "" It looks good, you look good in everything you wear. "...

In the 101 days we got along, almost no quarrels, no conflicts, people said, this is the eve of the storm, I stupidly thought: No, it is that we all love each other deeply.

On the morning of the 102nd day, she suddenly said to me: "Baby, let's get married!" This ... I'm so baffled. I pinched my own arm with my hand. Is this true? My excitement is full of my whole body, I hug her, the picture of happiness in the future. I immediately told my good friends of this good news, "Bless me, huh, huh." I said to my friends hesitantly.

""Ha ha! Congratulations! Then ... "A friend smiled and said to me," So, are you going to go back to her hometown with her in the future? Didn't you say you won't leave your hometown? "

My friend's words shocked me. It seems that I made this promise a long time ago. I haven't come to repay my parents. I can't leave them so early, one in the south, one in the north, then ...

I asked her this question, and she was not too surprised. She just said to me gently, "What's the matter? You can come back every few years. It's not forbidden to come back. If you really want to live here, It ’s not impossible, just ask your parents to buy us a suite here, and then give me some capital to let me do business, so that we can gain a foothold here. ”

Snapped! ! My hand couldn't help but hit her in the face, and I couldn't believe that the woman sitting in front of me was so restless and aspiring. I turned and ran out of her room. When I was tired, I looked back and she didn't chase it. I sat on the ground and cried ... I understood why I could make tears slip across my cheeks so easily at this moment.

On the 103rd day, I texted her, "Let's just forget about it."

A month later, I left this company and came to another strange city alone. I am looking forward and working hard to live a wonderful me in this city. Only occasionally, I will be lonely, will remember the past, I hate my stupidity. As a member of an advertising company, as we approach Christmas, I am getting more and more busy. I like this real life. The busier I am, the more stable my heart is. I am honored to be part of the customer business meeting held by the company. At the business meeting, I was responsible for the contact and seating of "gold" customers. "We've met again." The one that appeared to me was the person who thought I had the least interest and ambition.

"Slap ..." "This slap was returned to you." I thought I was dreaming until the pain in my face put me in reality.

"It turns out that we are so destined that we can meet everywhere. Do you know why I didn't catch up with you?" She leaned into my ear and said, "Because you are just a sheep."

I still ran out in tears, and I couldn't face the strange eyes that everyone cast upon me. I cannot bear such humiliation.

I squatted under the street light, took out the mirror under the dim light, and looked at me in the mirror. I thought she was annoying. Why should I touch it if I do n’t understand love; why should I sacrifice it for love Try it.

Now I have stopped contacting her, and I dare not give my affection to anyone. I bought a sex doll and I hope to live with her. The love between me and the love doll will not change, and she will not ask me. I can love her and she can accompany me. I will live happily with SexAVDoll sex doll.

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