The Most Beautiful Love Story in The World

Willow fluttered, and I passed by her, glanced at each other, and at that moment it seemed that there was a current flowing through my body. A pretty girl, is that feeling called love? I told my friends around me: "I seem to be in love." My friend said with a smile: "I know her, and I'll help you get in touch." I tried to stop him, but I suffocated.

Kapok's flaming fire was so sweet that the birds screamed. A letter was written outside the window with my name written on it. I opened the envelope and wrote in the letter: I don’t know your name, but I like you very much, can you give me a chance to get to know you? If you can, please add my WhatsApp.

With a curious attitude, I added her WhatsApp, her nickname is Dream. She passed it almost instantly, and I received her first message. "Finally waiting for you, my beloved prince." "Who is your beloved prince, you admit the wrong person!" "Yes, I looked at your space and your avatar-it is you." Okay, I’m just here to tell you that I don’t like you, I have someone I like.” “That’s an honorable guy, I envy her, but I won’t give up.”

My friend came to me with some frustration and told me that the girl you like has someone she likes. I'm afraid you have no chance. The saddest love story in this world is that the person you like has someone you like, and that person is not you. Walking on the lost street, today I am a little late. There is a familiar and unfamiliar figure in front-like the person I love so much.

When I got closer, it was indeed her, and I made up my mind to get the courage to talk to her. The deer closer to her heart is more crazy. "Hey! Classmates, can I add your WhatsApp?" I dared to look down at her face and murmured softly. "No! I'm not such a casual person. I have a boy I like." "He's so happy..." I turned around and left alone. The phone rang WhatsApp message, a message from the dream, she said: "Fool! That happy boy-it's you!"

I turned to look at her, my eyes full of love. The most beautiful love story in this world is-the person you like has someone you like, and that person happens to be you.

If the person you like doesn't like you, you can choose a sex doll and pin your love on it. You own this doll, you will have a different kind of love.

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