The Rights And Ethics of Sex Doll Robots

The development of robots is getting faster and faster, and the future scenes may be the following:
After waking up in the morning, the robot has already given you breakfast and is already on the table, you just need to enjoy it. Your self-driving car will take you to the company. Any troubled robot at work can give you advice. Go home at night and enjoy a sweet and romantic time with your sex robot.

The previous scene may not be fully realized yet, but sex robots with rich sex skills and artificial intelligence are not just a hypothesis, they have begun to appear around us. Sex robots can be hacked to reveal your private data, and such surreal silicone dolls are already opening up moral minefields for us.

What if a sex robot hurts a human? If you have a partner in real life, but have sex with a sex doll, do you not calculate the track?

In fact, the first problem is that the problem can be solved through the program, because no one incident is 100% safe, and even if it is connected with a real person, it cannot be guaranteed to be safe. The second problem is actually to meet the physiological needs, just like the normal person needs masturbation to solve their own physiological needs. Even if there is a partner, it does not mean that you do not need masturbation.

So the history of the love doll can bring infinite possibilities. They can meet the physiological needs of human beings as well as the needs of human life.

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