The Story of Distance

They should be destined. The college classmates entered the same unit after graduation. She is the kind of passionate romantic, beautiful girl, he is just an honest and honest man. She likes to go out and chat with him on weekends. When she is in a bad mood, she will cry on his shoulders and dimly. On long vacations, the two of them will turn off their phones to go out to play in the mountains and sing songs. But that's all. In his heart, he always felt that a girl like her would not belong to him.

Until one day, several college students visited their city and invited them to gather together. The classmates are married, and they are the only ones. Everyone asked when to drink their wedding wine, she looked at him with a smile, her eyes gleamed brightly. He smiled faintly and turned back to greet the waiter, "Add another sweet and sour fish flower, add more sugar and less vinegar, and add chala." Sweet and sour fish flower, that is her favorite dish, she is a southerner, I always like to eat sweet, there is a strange habit, no matter what dish. Always add coriander. She listened to him skillfully utter this string, and her heart moved.

That night he took her back and went downstairs to her. He said good night as usual and turned to leave. She stopped him, and he turned around. Under the bright light, he saw that she first put the back of one hand under her chin, the other pointed at him, and then turned a few times across the mouth with one finger. Reach out one hand, stroke the back of the thumb of the other hand, and then point the index finger of one hand to yourself. He was watching her doing a series of strange movements and was puzzled. When he wanted to ask her, she had turned and ran upstairs. "It's such a little girl!" He sighed and shook his head and smiled.

Soon after, he was sent to the field as a branch manager. He has done a great job in the branch. She was still in contact with her at first, and gradually broke off. Later, he talked about girlfriends, getting married and having children. After a day of dinner, he picked up the magazine he bought and found a column called "Love Sign Language". He opened it curiously. The picture was painted on it. It was a series of movements. He froze, those strange movements. , Exactly the same actions she did that year. It is marked with a sign language description: "Wait for you to say love me!" For true love, the soul has no distance.

Since then, he has always had an indelible complex in his heart. In order to make up for this error, he secretly bought a sex doll that looks like her. He treats this love doll very well, just like treating him Like her. Whenever he encounters annoying things or happy things, he always shares it with the silicone doll first. He hopes that all his love for her can be passed on through sex dolls. He finally did it, and the simulation doll drew a happy ending to his heart.

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