The Story of Sex Doll Growth

I am a sex woman.

Yeah! I can't change my name, I can’t change my surname. Since I was five years old, I usually introduce myself to people like this. At this time, the other party will always have two big round eyes, the whole portrait is pressed by the pause button to pause for a few seconds, and then hey laughed a few times and said, Ha this kid, it is fun.

Then my mother came out and said to the other party very embarrassedly, our family Xiaorong listened to the dyslexia with her dad's storytelling. Don't be surprised. Stare at me again, Xiaorong, go and play with my brother.

Ten minutes later, the little boy who was as fat as a snow-white bun came with tears on his nose: Woo ... Mom, Hua Xiaorong forced me to take off my pants and said that I wanted to see what my chick looked like ...

Then I got my mother a bump on the broom.

Regarding the appearance of the baby boy's chicken, I and my neighbor Erya privately studied one pass after another, but still did not research a famous one. In one breath, I waved my hand and commanded Erya: Go and tie me a boy back!

This unlucky boy is the younger brother of the bun, presumably his father and mother were partial, and the delicious food was given to his brother. He was as thin as a newborn monkey. So even though she was only seven years old, she had a good figure, and she tied up the little monkey without any effort.

I believe that that is the nightmare of the young monkey's life.

Don't be afraid ... we just look at it, let's take a look ... the two little female wolves smiled promiscuously and stretched out their sinful hands ... No, more specifically the law should be that the female wolf stretched out the evil Hands, Erya's hands pressed the little monkey.


The air suffocated for a few seconds.

Ugly! This sentence was shouted by Erya.

Why do they grow this extra meat? Isn't it uncomfortable? Facts have proved that I have been more thoughtful and thoughtful than Erya since I was a child. This is my most real thought at that moment.

Ooo ... I went back and told my mom, you bully ... the little monkey said with a cry.

This time I learned to be smart, and immediately used my killer skills: I dedicate all my pocket money, and then all the money was replaced with candy, posters and N snacks, only to temporarily heal the little monkey ’s injury Little hearts.

My mother has always told people that curiosity can kill a cat, and our Xiaorong's curiosity can kill a hundred cats and a hundred dogs. My ass made an indelible contribution to this, so that when my mother ’s clam-bumps were fed to my ass later, I was already able to tell her a joke while giggling. Then my mother threw the broom and covered her face with her hands and burst into tears: Oh my god ~ I was born with such a small evil obstacle.

My dad was leaning on Erlang's legs while holding his beloved teapot and teasing in his mouth, then sipped, and said to my mother, what are you crying, I think our girl is very good ! There will definitely be a good future!

Pooh! Hua Jianguo, you only know to eat all day! drink! The kids are broken by you!

People do n’t just eat and drink in this life, so what else do you want? My dad said innocently.

You judges, now I know why I am like this. That's because there is my dearest invincible dad behind me as my strong backing!

Of course, our cute comrade Hua Jianguo is still very uncomfortable with dismantling my home alarm clock, running water fountain pen, my mother's watch, and the monkey next door's Transformers and toy cars.

His objection was this: After my ass was ravaged, he called me to the front, and then took out a ticket for me, saying, Hua Xiaorong, you are too disobedient! You don't care too much! How can this be done! How good are those kung fu to buy something to eat! Here, take this dime and buy a popsicle.

When I was twelve years old and showed great interest in the TV set at home, my dad finally panicked. He said to me, little ancestor, do you want to stop? If you take apart his dad's life, what are you looking forward to! If you want to tinker with it again, I will tell your mother!

Look, our lovely Comrade Hua Jianguo also learned to inform. I am not willing to be outdone: Then I will tell her what you did with Auntie Zhang from the shop!

Oh my goodness, my dad immediately panicked, well, I do n’t tell, I do n’t tell. Dear Xiaorong, so Xiaorong, your dad bought it for you last time, OK?

Finally, a floral skirt and a pair of small black leather shoes were sold.

To sum up, the officials should be able to fully understand that because Shimi and I are so passionate about watching the baby boy's chicks, is it because we are born with the genes of color girls? I can answer you righteously: NO!

Because these sex girls are sex dolls, they like sexy men very much.

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