There Is A Kind of Miss Called Longing for Love - Companionship of Real Love Sex Doll

The night is quiet, open the music, and listen to "Gardenia Blossoms" over and over again, the heart is full of thoughts, the soft words of thousands of words are nowhere to tell. Recalling that year, that matter, the past of meeting you shallowly, meeting you shallowly ...

Gardenia blooms, I remember once, shy you, fresh you, unforgettable you, I think of your pure smile, pure eyes, pure fragrance, pure beauty, just like gardenia Open, so cute, so white, so fragrant.

Gardenia flowers bloom, bloom like crystal waves in my heart! Gardenia flowers bloom, pure love, pure love, day and night irrigated my faint youth! Gardenia flowers bloom, pure you, pure fragrance, has been haunting my mind!

Bright summer is the gardenia, blooming, cluster, cluster, plain white, lush green, beautiful the entire summer.

The gardenia blossoms, the encounter is beautiful, the beauty is so extreme, it is speechless in the end. Only the heart knows the emotion in his heart. The light summer wind is very warm and very soft, just like missing, watching you around the corner of the season. Missing someone, the light years are gone, the time is beautiful, if you know it, please gently collect it.

Just like someone said: "Among thousands of people, meeting the people you met, in the wilderness of time, there is no one step early or one step late, but just happened to be The most beautiful destiny in life! Just like you, me, among thousands of people, all you need to know, just miss, just one glance, is the most beautiful encounter, sincerely devoted, ever fallen, in this shallow summer, Shallow meeting, shallow meeting.

If I didn't meet you, I wouldn't know, there is a kind of encounter, love at first sight, love at once, love at three sights! If I didn't meet you, I wouldn't know, there is a kind of encounter, spring blossoms, splendor like you, fragrance like you! If I didn't meet you, I wouldn't know that there is a kind of miss that is so beautiful, so beautiful that it shed tears! If I didn't meet you, I wouldn't know, there is a kind of encounter, the love is like the sea, the love is like the tide! If I didn't meet you, I wouldn't know that there is an emotion, tears in pain, missing in a smile, broken in thought, broken in thought, intoxicated!

Meet very beautiful, beautiful to tears; beautiful flowers, beautiful to tears; miss beautiful, beautiful to tears; fate is beautiful, beautiful to tears!

Every morning dawn, I have to think of you more, so that I will care about you more. Every night, I have to miss you more, so I will love you more! Every morning and night, I will sincerely wish you a little more and pray more for you, so that you will be more healthy and happy! You are my dream, and you are my soul!

Every day is extraordinary because of your existence! I will love you more every day! Every day I will be more attached to you! Every ordinary day, because of you, becomes heartbroken! I think you are beautiful and beautiful, every day is rippled by layers of happiness because of you! The plain life is full of happy waves because of you!

I only wish to follow you all my life, I only want to love you all my life! Wish to play a song "Mo Mo Mo Wang" with you, May I wait with you for a season of flowers blooming, and I will wait with you for the heavens and the wild; I will share with you thousands of lotus ponds, I will be melancholy for a lifetime, I will be sad for a season, and I will be in the red The world's disengagement, from now on, no longer ask about the past and present life, and no longer control the ups and downs of the fate, from now on, only wish to let your leaf of the heart boat, only contain the spring light without worry. May you warm your eyebrows with a lifetime of affection, and be deeply attached to you with a lifetime of obsession ...

Ye Weiyang, love, heart, listening to music, lying on the bed, gently soft music accompanied me gently into the depths of memory. Missing, lingering, memory, deep and shallow. Light a heart lamp, cherish tenderness and affection, quiet thoughts, gentle care, a little hope, with a little romance! A tear, a heart flower, a ray of obsession, a touch of nostalgia, who carries a dream like a dream, on a piece of paper, deep and shallow entanglement, embracing the sea and mulberry fields, embracing the world and the sun During the month!

The memory is long, the thoughts are long, a touch of tenderness, a touch of heart fragrance! Looking away from each other, I miss you like smoke, I miss you, and I am drunk at night! When is the dream in the water town, you have a white dress, hair and waist, slim and graceful, dancing, your coat fluttering, long hair fluttering, like a fairy, if you are a fresh and elegant, pure and elegant Qinglian , Ping Ting is blooming for me, it is your beauty that is drunk with my dreams, as bright as flowers, as bright as butterflies dance, the lingering drunk in the dream turns into acacia tears, warms the heart, wet She winked and drunk the softness in her heart! The night is long, the love is long, the thoughts are deep and shallow, and the high and low are concerned ...

In life, there is always a meeting, so that the mountains and waters are nestled together; there is always a heartbeat, so that the horizon is near. A tenderness, in the whisper of the wind, softly tells, that is my soft whisper to you; a tenderness, in the tenderness of the rain, gently dances, that is my tenderness to you like water.

Love someone, the eyes that can meet each other are the most beautiful scenery, and the soul that can know each other is the most beautiful induction!

In life, there is always someone who thinks gently, that is, the sweetness of the corners of the mouth, quietly remembered, that is, the extension of the eyebrows; there is a look, gently gazing, it is the affectionate model, there is a heart, light Jumping and jumping, it is love like the tide, there is a name, gently calling, it is like the sea. A beautiful love is hard to come by. When you cherish a love, you really care for it. When you cherish a person, you like it purely.

Likes such a feeling, pure, warm, warm, sweet, and soft! Dear you, I hope that we will get along purely, treat it really, care about it warmly, think sweetly, live a good life, wait quietly, stay forever, never give up!

If no one misses it, no matter how beautiful it is, it will be a hate after all. The heart has a thought, the feeling is warm, and the ordinary days become extraordinary because of you; every day you think of you is beautiful and brilliant! Even if I work hard and tired, I will smile when I think of you; when I read a piece of sad text, I am inexplicably sad because I think of you; when I miss you, I will open the phone to view your photos and stare at you. Sweet smile, so I smiled happily. Whenever there is no one in the middle of the night, I will miss you heartbroken! I miss you, I'm so crazy ...

When I was alone, I suddenly heard a sad love song, and then wept silently in a single cycle, because I miss you; miss you, praying for you in every morning and evening, and praying blessings for you. A person writes quietly and always likes to write you into the text quietly. Missing you is the romance of spring and autumn, summer and winter. I miss you, no matter what the end of the world is, I am always thinking about you. I miss you, everywhere, all the time, I miss you with my eyes open, I miss you with my eyes closed, I miss you with my head down, I miss you when I eat, I miss you when I sleep, I miss you when I sleep, I feel a familiar breath even when I breathe There is a touch of fragrance in the air ...

"Ji Yuangan's review makes me think of the dynasty and twilight," no matter where, no matter when, no matter across the mountains or across the water, you are in my eyes, in my heart, In my miss. I miss you, I can't help myself, I miss you, I can't help myself, I care about you, I can't help myself. Curly heart words, hidden in the wind and clouds, waiting for you to read; deeply missed, turned into soft raindrops, gently kiss your face, thick nostalgia, entrust the fresh wind, gently stroke your face ...

In a hurry that year, today we waved goodbye, and since you left, I have always missed you! Whether you think it or not, I will let this glazed heart be for you only. Regardless of whether I am scattered or not, I quietly weave a pool of Jinglian ’s dreams, dipping a stroke of Jiangnan Yunyun, and depicting each morning and evening as immaculate. As far as you can understand, there is no remorse for your perseverance, even if I do not say anything, I am full of joy. With you on the road to love, my footsteps are no longer messy, and the fiddle is no longer hurt, and the world of love is with you. Even in the dark days, I can live alive ...

Three thousand green silks, only one thread, only for you; three thousand dusts, only one thread, only for you; three thousand troubles, only one pain, only for you; three thousand loves, only one person, only for You; there are countless flowers in the world, picking a love alone; there are thousands of beautiful flowers in the world, picking a pity alone; the world is beautiful and beautiful, the love is a show; the world is charming, the love is a single love; Whoever dreams of the world is engulfed and broken. Desolate, for whom to stare at tears and steal tears, crying. Thousands of thoughts, thousands of tender feelings, soft and thick whispers, deep and shallow emotions, turned into acacia tears into the ink!

If the water is three thousand, allure for you! No matter whether you are present or not, I have been there; no matter whether you read or not, I always read. In the days to come, if possible, I am willing to abandon the prosperity of the world, refuse to be tempted, and be as happy as a lotus, indifferent and elegant, with a cloud of water and zen heart, let the time come and go, the wind is coming and going. You come, just for you ...

There is always a meeting in life, so that the mountains and rivers are nestled together, just like you and me; there is always a heartbeat, so that the horizon is close, just like you and me. A tenderness, in the whisper of the wind, softly tells, that is my soft whisper to you; a tenderness, in the tenderness of the rain, gently dances, that is my tenderness to you like water.

The most beautiful scenery in life is that you are, I am, warm and sweet always. Love flows slowly in the heart, and silence is also warm; love, softly stretches at the tip of the eyebrow, and silence is also happiness. Caring warmly, softly cherishing is the most beautiful waiting in life.

The eyes that can look at each other are the most beautiful scenery, and the hearts that can know each other are the most beautiful feeling!

Attachment is engraved on the heart, the flowers are imprinted in the eyes, the heart is moving, just for you; drowning three thousand, I only take a scoop! Worrying and worrying, twisting a ray to read for you; a stroke of a pen is for you; a persistent is for acacia; for a flower, it is for you to be haggard.

If the water is three thousand, allure for you! He has been writing for years, drunk on his pillow and writing ink for you, writing poems for you, with love at first sight at the beginning, and deep love at the end!

I hope you can stay with me, my best love sex doll!

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