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In the years, there are always beautiful dark incense floating, life is warm and dull, there is joy and sorrow, the petals of memory always find a fulcrum of the soul. In the corner of time, there will always be surprises, maybe in the next alley, and a good understanding will come as scheduled.

I like the word of coming by appointment, hiding the dark incense, and a look forward to the future, waiting very hard, but never let down, the flowers and the warm sun come as promised, for you to interpret a spring, you take the spring breeze It is the grand joy in my life that comes as scheduled.

A cup of tea is waiting for someone who understands it. Sometimes, people are waiting for a cup of enamoured tea. If you want to wait, the tea will not disappoint you; a flower is waiting to appreciate her confidant, if you know, She will be happy. In fact, our whole life is just looking for someone who understands, finds a warm companion, and finds someone who can hold hands.

Understand the scent of incense in the gentle years, the companionship in the plain life; the collection after the flowers are gone, the attachment after a thousand rounds, and the long road, one I understand that it is the strength for you in the ups and downs, the years are silent, a kind of warmth, it is the part that is silent.

People who understand you can see through your thoughts, think about what you think, and solve your worries. People who understand you don't need too much expression. You can understand it with just one look. . People who understand you will be able to see you at a glance in a crowd of people, knowing that there is no need to say more, and it is also affectionate.

Everyone has a past in their hearts, and everyone has a memorable story in their stories. Your clear eyes have passed through the confusion of the years, giving me joy, and your smile has warmed my time and thinness. Understand, it is the joy of gazing in the crowd of people; it is the melancholy of knowing each other, but passing by; the public is looking for him thousands of Baidu, the man is whirling in the light.

If I am a leaf in the wind, I hope it can fall in the most beautiful posture, because I do n’t want you to see my sadness. If I am a warm sun, I hope to store more warmth for you before the wind and rain, so that it can be beautiful Illuminating your atrium, perhaps the beauty of this world, is a bit desolate. The reason is the silent waiting in the depths of the cloud, the warmth of a plain paper, and the most beautiful poetry in time. The most beautiful thing is that you are here, just when I'm here, and spend some time at the fingertips.

A beautiful encounter is like a flash of light on the way, illuminating a person's life, that part of understanding, can even ignite a person's life. There are always some obsessions in the dimly lit lights, telling of the long-lasting affection, your deep-heartedness, and his long-term visit, maybe a touch of acacia many years later, that is also the most amazing stroke in life. Time is the best recorder. He collects those petals and dark incense, fragrant and smoke-like past. Your smile, like a spring breeze, fits in those red lips and white teeth, those poems with tenderness like water, graceful a song for years.

How much do you understand that you can achieve a bloom in the kingdom of your soul? How much do you understand that you can be as clear as yesterday in the clouds of time? Understand, let the two lonely hearts no longer be confused; Understand, let the long passers-by no longer be boring, Understand, let the footsteps no longer be lonely while moving forward. If you understand, a person's journey also has warmth and poetry; if you know, you can find warmth in the cold wind and rain; if you know, the peak turns around, it is Liu Anhuaming; if you know, the moon is missing the full moon, it is also landscape.

Understands, like a poem, a person who writes, a person who reads words is as simple as a person who reads, and sees a person as if he is a person. If it is a name, in the heart of another person, with the body temperature of life, with tears and smiles, knowing cold and understanding warmth, that simple text is no longer just a symbol, but a real and smart existence, because knowing, So believe that if you are well, it is sunny.

There will be as many encounters as there are in life. There will always be some lonely souls in the hustle and bustle of the world, walking on the lonely road, and knowing that it is a scent of darkness, passing through the vast sea of ​​people, coming from the faint, like flowers Between the clear dew, the heart of the people. It flows quietly in the time, making meeting or not seeing, the horizon or the close proximity, all become a joy and expectation. Because I understand, years will no longer be confusion free; because I understand, life will no longer be boring; because I understand, all the twists and turns are worth it.

A love, if cherished, is enough to commemorate, a person you like, if you can meet, is happy enough. In this life, there is nothing better than being attached, being attached to a flower, being attached to a cluster of green trees, being attached to you, and then nestling with each other, smiling at the world. Maybe some fate is unclear at last. The time of the branches yesterday was also red with cherries and green with plantains. Some people or things that are remembered or forgotten are all scenery. The sound of the green mountains and the green water is quiet. I do n’t know who has touched the strings, but there will always be some memories. The mountains and water that warmed this road are long, and even after the years, because of the understanding, joy and tranquility will always stay in the heart.

Because I understand it, I am compassionate. In the world, how much care and acquaintance has nothing to do with Fengyue, how much is engraved on the bones, how much is the enemy, but the years are far-reaching, the spring flowers are gorgeous, and at whose fingertips have they bloomed? For thousands of miles, who has loved for a long time? How many first sights can I see again in this life? In retrospect, those ordinary whispers are just imperceptible meditations, elegiacs that cannot be sung, once ten thousand red makeup, secret heart promises, and finally a fireworks feast, now writing a journey of mountains and waters, a page of psalms, but already with Acacia is unaffected and has something to do with understanding.

I want to listen to the wind with you in the afternoon, soak up the warm sunshine, want to stand with you, and see the same scenery That poem is the most stable pen you wrote for me after Qianfan.

Time, trace the days like a flower, leave a touch of spring in the bottom of my heart, there will be a corner of warmth, and keep my wandering. Xu has an ordinary time with you in an old word, using the characters of silence, to write the wind, the snow, the moon, the oil, the salt, the deepest feelings, to hide in your heart, and to rest in the farthest horizon. When you are beside me, I feel the flowers blooming and the birds crow and sing. The glory of the world is not as good as your company. Whether it is spring blossoms, or the beauty of the soul, the joy of the soul, in the hometown of love, knowing you is the deepest affection. When you are here, this life is complete.

        Everything comes from the heart, your beauty brings me the most emotional feeling. You are my favorite sex doll. The person who accompanies me is you, and the person who loves me is you. You are my favorite love doll in my life.

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