Unrequited Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

The first time I saw her, she stood on the podium and introduced herself slightly jerkily. Her gentleness, erudition, and penetrating voice, and the calm atmosphere with which she always smiled, was deeply engraved in my mind, lingering. Yes, at that moment, I fell in love with her, and for 15 years, almost occupied my youth.

Unrequited love is a beautiful flower. I want to see her, but I'm afraid to see her. I sat in the corner by the window every day watching her stubbornly get out of the office, and then when she entered the classroom, I lowered my head involuntarily. Because I am afraid that others may even see my mind, and only when she is giving a lecture, can I show my love in the heart.

I have an intimate interaction with her that others envy, and for good reason. I think that my writing style is not bad. I have been the darling of Chinese teachers since childhood, but in front of her, I was not very confident. She also often read my composition as a model in the class, but she always pointed out my shortcomings in a subtle and implicit way. She would say it would be better if there were no such typos, and it would be better if the handwriting was clearer. Once when I was reviewing the subject a bit off the center, she encouraged me to say that although my intentions were a bit wrong, the language was beautiful. I recall these from time to time in my mind, making me a little intoxicated.

My subconscious mind hopes to be more familiar with her. Once she walked out of the classroom after class, but forgot to take away the key on the desk. I didn't think about picking up the key in the back and chased it out. I saw that she was standing by the bicycle, looking down anxiously in the bag and looking for something. I quickly called her: "Teacher, you left the key on the table." She raised her head in amazement and laughed. : "Looking at my memory, I thought I lost it! Thank you!"

I looked at the delicate figure on her bike and looked up at the flag on the playground. I thought to myself: "It's a tailwind today, so she should ride so hard!"

Teacher's Day is coming, and the class wants to buy some gifts for each teacher to express our heart, the premise is not too expensive, but should be intimate, and according to the characteristics of each teacher. So the class leader asked the students to express their opinions. I said that the Chinese teacher had pharyngitis. We can prepare a cup and pharyngitis film for her. So when she saw these words, she was moved with some words, but I was very happy.

She is always able to deal with our relationship with ease, and observes the ancient admonish of coming and going. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, we failed to catch up with the monthly holiday. Every student was downcast and sighed. And she came, not only brought us moon cakes, but also corn, peanuts, melon seeds, candy and so on. A female student ran over and hugged her and talked to her heart, and I thought to myself how good I would be if that girl.

I thought I could just like this, if she followed her for a long time. However, the liberal arts and science divisions we face each year break up us. She taught the next class and passed by our class every day. I can still see her, but there is something in my heart that is not tasteful and empty. I remembered "To Oak" she had read to us, so I decided that I must grow into a big tree that would shield her from the wind and rain. And watching her pass by our class every day is my required course. She is still so dignified: white shirt, black suit.

The classmates said that she drove a new energy electric car, and I think she could finally walk on the way to work and home without the sun and the sun; the classmates also said that it was bought by her boyfriend Car, I want to know if there is a big tree around me; despite the loss, I am still very happy for her. Later, I heard that the car was not bought by her boyfriend, and I was inexplicably happy.

The life in the graduating class makes us more nervous, and of course, our teachers. I am very grateful to her, because whenever I am tired and want to give up, her smiling face will always appear before my eyes.

In order not to affect the mood of our exams, the school took a group photo of the teachers and students of the whole school after the college entrance examination. While getting my graduation photo, I ran to an unfamiliar photo studio and asked them to print another photo of her, which I carried in my wallet. I also wanted to save her country on the phone, and when I happily planned all this and decided that I could slowly approach her further, I called her. But the man answering the phone was a man with a magnetic voice. At that moment, I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. When I hurried down the phone, I heard their conversation: "Who?" "I don't know, no one speaks." "It may be wrong."

I made no mistake, I'm sure it was her. Her voice is so charming that I will never forget it. After all, I was one step late. I heard from my classmates that she was engaged. But I don't know when I will call her phone insanely, I never said anything, just to hear her voice.

After graduating from college, the work was fairly smooth. With a car, I began to repay the mortgage. But I am a well-known otaku. I often think of her on the way to work and home, but I am a little confused.

After working overtime one day late, I went home and turned on the TV and saw a family mediation program. Saying that a man fell in love with a teenage woman older than herself was met with opposition from everyone around him. But the lovers came together despite their family's opposition, and the mediation experts were helping them communicate with their families. She is only six years older than me, and I remember clearly.

All I could do at that moment was pick up the car key, drove for a few hours in the night, and returned to my long-standing alma mater, and I waited for her with mixed feelings. Uncle Doorman warmly asked me when she would come, but the news was that she was getting married and did not come to work. I don't know how I got back in the car, drove the car again for a few hours, and then returned to my house again. Fortunately, the work was finished the next day, I was so sleepy, I slept all day and night. The first thing that comes to my mind after waking up is that I want to prepare a special wedding gift for her, because I am happy because she is happy. It is not too difficult to find out about her wedding date, because I heard that her former classmates and her became colleagues. I was wondering why I had no courage to contact them and her earlier.

That day I looked far in the crowd, and she was really beautiful in a wedding dress. Her smile is still so warm, although still a little shy, but that is a happy footnote. I entrusted the wedding host to send her a gift, and then quietly left. The gift is a set of hardcover books. I think she will like it because she looks more beautiful when she is studying. The signature is an eternal student, yes, I am her eternal student, a student who loves her only. Although she may not know it, I think it has nothing to do with her. Because the days of unrequited love for her are so intoxicating, like a beautiful flower that never fails to bloom. However, now I want to let go. Just putting her in a corner of my heart is enough.

In order to entrust me to miss her, I chose to buy a sex doll to fill this shortcoming. Now, I put all my love and miss for her on the love doll. I take good care of sex doll. She brought me a lot of spiritual support. Whenever I am sad or unhappy, I will tell my TPE doll that she will listen quietly. Whenever I tell my troubles, I feel very relieved.

Now the sex doll I bought at SexAVDoll has been with me for two years, and I have a strong sense of dependence on her. If I don't see her one day, I will feel that something is missing. I hope I can live with her.

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