Veterans Jessica Sex Doll - Astrid

Astrid is a veteran who used to be a special force in the army. She had served in the army for five years, so she was very physically fit and had mastered various military skills. Many mercenaries sent invitations to her, but she refused.

Astrid now works as a security guard in a company where she is responsible for security tasks for large events. Their company has been responsible for the security of various events and large-scale summits. She is currently the director of the Security Department. Her team has 150 people, and some of them are retired soldiers, but none of her skills are good, so the people in her team are very convinced of her.

Astrid has been busy working and has no time to fall in love. Her team members like her a lot and have expressed her admiration to her, but she does not want to fall in love with the company, so she has refused. She hopes to find someone to do other Boyfriend in industry, do you work in another industry? If you like Astrid, then order jessica sex doll.

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