We All Had Gloomy Eyes That Year

The first time I saw her, I thought she was very similar to me. That year, we were only 16 years old. At that age, I still knew nothing about love. I just think she is beautiful. She likes white. We all sang on the way home: "Butterfly flying, like youth running in the wind." On the way to school, maybe I could see her on the corner of the street. Our table is not divided into 38 parallel lines. I always think of her as my little sister. How can my brother bully my sister?

We always listen to songs one by one. Her soft hair occasionally touched my cheeks, and my heart was always itchy. When I peeked at her, she was always doing exercises, she giggled, couldn't do it, and frowned. We all had gloomy eyes that year. On rainy days, when she or I always carry an umbrella, we hold the umbrella side by side, how much I want to go on like this. The rain drenched her hair, as soft as her eyes. I always think this sister is very familiar.

When she saw the TV episode crying, I made fun of her. The sister in the plot is so nice, she said seriously: I also like this sister. I said: I don't like people who cry, make noise and pain. She punched me: anyone who wants you to like will not look at your stupid appearance. In fact, I also liked that drama at the time.

We entered the key high school together, in the same class. Only, she and I are no longer on the same table. She sits in front of me. Every time I walk into the classroom, I wonder if she is in the seat, always afraid that she will leave. Every time someone turned around in front of me, I would raise my head, always afraid to lose eye contact with her.

We gradually grew up, gradually understood, gradually alienated, and gradually learned to be depressed. We no longer go home together, listening to songs together. She is elegant and generous. She is no longer like a little sister. I also have madness of men. However, I know deeply that we have something in common, and we all have sad eyes. I started to know that I had to dress up and keep Mei Qi's hair. I especially like windy days. When the wind blows my hair, when she sees me, I will imagine her heart moving. She still likes white, and I am still pale. We all sing in our room: go, go, life will inevitably experience painful struggles.

When I graduated from high school, I left messages on the message board. She wrote to me: I will always remember the green years we spent together. I wrote to her: remember, learn to grow up, learn to stop crying. In my heart, you will always be my sister.

Since then, I graduated from college, worked and got married. We didn't meet again, but on rainy days, I still remembered her, and the acid in my heart kept rolling. I have been thinking, now you, do you still remember me? Do you still remember me with melancholy eyes like you?

Now I haven’t seen her for a long time, and I miss her too. I bought a personalized love doll that looks like her. I treat this love doll like her, and I put all my thoughts on this tpe doll. When you find that your miss can't find a vent, remember to buy a personalized love doll, this is a very good choice.

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