"Western World" Has Become A Reality: Sex Robot Doll "Size" Is Determined By You

The plot of "Western World" provoked debate about violence and sexual slavery. The play describes a world of massively simulated robots built to satisfy human desires. In real life, the simulation robot has become a reality.

In reality, the development of sex robots is very fast. Some factories in East Asia have already produced extremely sexual dolls. A number of simulated sex robots have been on the market. The appearance and size of a real person is the trend of the development of sex robots. They have simulated genitals and can be used according to the needs of the owner.

But the factors that affect the invention of sex robots are mainly technology and price. Selling life-size sex toys in the United States for up to $5,000, plus some bonus toys. Technically, it is necessary to keep the robot constant in body temperature so that it can go to the owner with a charming sound line.

Future technologies will become more and more mature, and the use of artificial intelligence technology to embed products will become more and more advanced, and the functions of products will be more and more. Emotional communication will become a major breakthrough in technology.

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