Why Is The Market Demand for Sex Dolls Strong?

Sex dolls are becoming more and more popular. But why is the market for sex dolls so big?

The first situation is that there are a group of people who are not suitable for social life. People who have been difficult to establish interpersonal relationships with the outside world, or those who have been abandoned for other reasons, have psychologically generated a sense of rejection. So they need a love doll to help them lie alone.

The second situation is that some people have lost their partner. They need a copy of the deceased partner to replace the position of their partner, keep their memories of the lover, and pin their feelings.

The third situation is that some couples are out of love, they need to solve their physiological needs, and at this time they can buy a fun doll to help them solve the problem.

The fourth situation is selfish bachelors (those who only like non-human partners) to avoid the practical troubles associated with humans - ambition, needs and annoying habits. In order to avoid these troubles, and selectively love robot dolls. However, one thing to note is that discussion around sex robots may mask real potential needs and desires for partners.

In short, for most people, the reason for choosing robots selectively is to fill emotional emptiness or to establish new relationships (social incompatibility). So sex dolls have played a very important role in life.

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