Will A Sex Doll Robot Companion Replace Humans?

Robot partners have different meanings for different people. Some people say that artificial intelligence is a kind of psychological companion that can cure many people. For example, a man who has failed to talk to a real woman because of a failed marriage, so choose a doll that makes him relax.

There is also a man who chooses to marry a sex doll, because a sex doll makes his home less lonely. In his view, the emergence of a robot companion means a better life. After the technology is mature, the love doll can talk, blink, smile, then no one will feel lonely again.

The Alpha Dog defeated the World Go Champion and the robot replaced the repetitive work. So, will robots replace human beings as partners? If robots can become human partners, what impact will it have on society?

In fact, many experts believe that robot companions will not replace humans, but another option. Those who materialize women are not good for women in reality, and the robot program promotes a positive and friendly interaction model.

Last year, a Japanese man married a virtual idol, Hatsune Miku. Imagine, when the companion robot is open, will it be far from marrying the robot? And for the extension of life, how many people are rushing. We have fears and expectations for the future, and it is a very complicated mood. This may be how most of us feel when we face the future. When science and technology infinitely extend the capabilities of human beings, where will human society go? This seems to be a distant problem, but the future is not far away, maybe we can think about it. Cloning was once a major breakthrough in human sciences, but why is it banned by most countries? Why do driverless cars face ethical dilemmas?

When technology develops to a certain extent, the biggest problem is no longer technology.

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