• Angel Love

    Angels are still like this. How should one fall in love? I believe this short story is enough to answer this complicated question.

    In the past, when an angel passed by a mountain stream, he met a girl. They fell in love and built a hut of love on the mountain. The angel flies around every day, but he really loves this girl and comes to accompany her when he has time.

  • Love in the Desert

    She is a very talented woman, smart and beautiful, with her own career, her own life and a brilliant philosophy of life.

    He admired her for a long time. For her, he did not smoke or drink. He began to listen to some of the music she loved, read some books she loved to read, and also learned to make small dishes she loved to eat. For her, he even gave up the opportunity to work abroad. However, her pursuit of him has always been general, and he is indifferent to him.
  • The Ignorant Youth Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

    The moment I lived out of the abyss, I did n’t dare to think about it for a second, just wanted to live wonderfully, and I would not be sad for the silly me back then ...

    At the age of 20, I have many dreams with my peers, many desires with my peers, many impulses with my peers, and many attachments with my peers.

    I know her because I work in the same company. I am the accountant of the company. She is the warehouse manager of the company. At work, we have contact and contact. Naturally, we met very close. After a year of acquaintance, we became the version in many stories, we are in love.

    At the beginning of the love, we go to work together, have breakfast together, go shopping together, walk together. This seems to cover up all the shortcomings of my youth. I feel happy and happy.
  • Love Between Us - Sex Doll

    After all, there is only one world
    Prepared us for the mature summer
    We follow the rules of adults
    Continue the child's game
    Don't care about people falling down by the road
    Don't care about stranded ships
  • Distant Love - Sex Doll Love

    It was a city that could not be smaller. On the map, it hid quietly in a corner. If you didn't pay attention to it, you couldn't find it. Originally, she didn't know the small city. It was not until she met him online that she knew the city and knew it was near the Yellow Sea. When the wind came from the east, it was astringent and salty. Once she asked online, are you afraid of the cold? He said, not afraid, because you are in my heart.
  • Unrequited Love Made Me Choose A Sex Doll

    The first time I saw her, she stood on the podium and introduced herself slightly jerkily. Her gentleness, erudition, and penetrating voice, and the calm atmosphere with which she always smiled, was deeply engraved in my mind, lingering. Yes, at that moment, I fell in love with her, and for 15 years, almost occupied my youth.
  • The Beauty of The Years - The Story of You And Sex Doll

    In life, there are always some intersections, along a heart road, out of the warmth flowing in the heart. Red Dust, once stunning, wrote Qinghuan in the eyes, counting the fingers around the years. Your first encounter with a sex doll is stunning and fate.
  • Perfect Life Time - Sex Doll

    Water has water depth, sea has sea width, and mountains have mountain height. What about a perfect life?

    I once saw a standard for high-quality evaluation of modern people in a magazine: length × width × height = excellent. Long means long-term vision, wide means broad-minded, and high means superb.
  • The Farthest in The World - My Sex Doll And I

    The farthest in the world is not the horizon, not the cape, but the distance of the soul. When the two hearts that were close to each other no longer felt warm, love came to an end. If there are one thousand reasons to abandon you, and only one reason to continue to love you deeply, but this one reason is better than those one thousand reasons, it is: true love only once. So, can our story continue - my sex doll?
  • Spend Time on The Soul - Companionship of Sex Dolls

    My friend took me to see a collector's collection. It is said that he collects all top-level items, and it costs more than 10 million yuan to get a random item. We walked through alleys and came to an inconspicuous apartment. I was wondering how could the top antiques be collected in such a place? The collector came to open the door and opened three stainless steel doors in a row before entering the house. The lights in the room were very dim. It took a few seconds for me to get used to the light in the room. At this time, I suddenly saw the whole house full of antiques, so much so that I have to be careful when walking before I can go sideways. There were ceramics, bronzes and tins everywhere, and many scrolls of paintings and calligraphy were crowded into the big cylinder. The owner finally took us to find the sofa. The sofa was buried in the pile of antiquities. . There is also a sex doll inside.
  • Love Chocolate - Story of Sex Doll Minako

    Minako is a sex doll. She is a freelance writer. Valentine's Day is coming, she promised to write a holiday feature for a newspaper, but it will be cut soon, Minako still has no inspiration. She wanted to go shopping and relax, unconsciously came to a chocolate store. The shop is full of people, and many young girls are choosing chocolates for Valentine's Day.
  • Love Story Passing - Sex Doll

    It turns out that we are just passers-by in the world of red dust. The traces of fate are deep on the Sansheng Stone. Without you and me, fate is why there are so many people looking for it. With the change of the annual rings, the rivers of time flow slowly, Is it regret that years have changed lives? Or has life changed years? The flow of time makes me forget everything in the world, but makes me unable to encounter the most beautiful encounter I have ever had.