A Man Who Uses A Sex Doll As A Life Partner

A man combines with a woman to build a family and have children. This is a combination that society generally agrees with. Now, a new combination is becoming more and more obvious. A group of middle-aged men choose to live with sex dolls without life. Sex dolls are far more interesting than other sex products for them. They groomed the love dolls and danced with the love dolls, they used "they" as their silent lover.

The stories of these simulation doll lovers are not the same, but behind their choices are social fears. Despite this, those who buy silicone dolls will still be labeled with the "freak" "sexual metamorphosis" label. A Japanese documentary, "The Perfect Family," has explored some Japanese men who have been linked to each other for various reasons: social barriers, a desire for weird sex, or a beautiful fascination with silicone dolls... Lonely is the most frequently cited reason. Some film and television programs like to use inflatable dolls and silicone dolls to render innocent bridges, but after all, they are mainly used to satisfy sexual desire and sexual fantasies.

Every night, when the 45-year-old Japanese engineer Ta-Bo came home from work, he pushed the door of the Tokyo apartment and waited for him not to be a wife or a girlfriend, but a row of inflatable dolls and tpe sex dolls sitting on the sofa. Ta-Bo gave each doll a name. Every night, Ta-Bo watches TV or reads with the sex dolls. This is followed by a routine bathing and dressing procedure. Ta-Bo will carefully wipe the “skin” of the dolls after bathing and apply them to the talcum powder. This will make their skin feel more like a real person. After that, he put the carefully selected underwear on the dolls, hugged them into the bedroom, and slept with them. "A real girl may betray you or hurt you, sex dolls will never, they are 100% belong to me." Ta-Bo has more than 40 inflatable sex dolls and silicone sex dolls, he rented a duplex The apartment comes to take care of the huge number of dolls. In the past 10 years, he spent about 50,000 dollar to buy a variety of realistic dolls. "From knowing someone to going to bed with her, it takes too much time, but if the object is an sex doll, the process is completely different, you will be delivered to your hand with a click of the mouse". Ta-Bo claimed to have had sexual experience with five women, but he still enjoyed the feeling of being with the sex dolls.

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