Adult Dolls Are Your Best Companion

Sex dolls will smile and talk, not only can solve your sexual needs, but also reduce your loneliness. So what kind of experience is living with them?

As long as the mention of sex dolls, many people's first reaction is adult products, but also feel that using dolls is very strange.

Sex dolls are given to the players by their names, have names, are social, and even be pampered as girlfriends. A veteran player said this:

"If a fire breaks out, your doll can only save one. What should I do?"

"This question is too cruel, I will choose to be burned to death with the doll."

Sex dolls with more and more simulations of appearance and touch can really bring companionship to human beings?

“People are not perfect. Everyone imagines that the other half is higher than life, and the simulated doll is a symbol of perfect body.”

The earliest manufacturers of sex dolls have said that it is not easy to make a perfect doll. It can only produce one per day.

From a few metal skeletons to the main body foam filling, it takes a day and a night to cure the silicone. The final set takes 6 to 8 hours and is carried out at night.

The general staff came to work in the morning and opened the mold to see a fresh doll.

The weight of the finished product ranges from 16 kg to 60 kg, and the height ranges from 100 cm to 170 cm. The price varies according to height and weight.

Most of the dolls are customization because they represent the different imaginations of the other users.

It is only a basic need to make your face and body beautiful, as well as different chest types, pupil colors, and whether you need to install lower body hair.

In addition to the appearance, the dolls are also set up, from the car model to the network of female reds, the name and character will match.

The only thing in common is that they have no mane, and of course there are no pores and scars. The feet are also generally small and matte.

For the factory, the initial business was to see everyone's need for a beautiful partner.

However, it has gradually been found that silicone dolls, which originally assumed sexual function, do not exist as a sex product.

In addition to sexual function, more and more people consider emotional and psychological needs. Many factories have also developed simulation dolls with body temperature and talking.

The manager of SexAVDoll said, "Our goal is to inject soul into the doll and solve the loneliness of modern people."

In the near future, this silicone doll will be replaced by a highly simulated human sex robot.

So far, the industry has a scale of $6.6 billion. By 2020, the market size is estimated to reach $9 billion.

In addition to the large amount of production, the technology content is also very high.

Recently, many foreign media have reported such a news: "China's sex robot: You have to discuss with her, she can help you wash dishes."

Through this app, dolls can connect to the Internet and use the corpus to communicate with the host, similar to the Siri feature.

They can even connect to smart homes with Wi-Fi capabilities, such as music and dish-washing. Under the development of artificial intelligence, this industry is also slowly transforming.

Living with a sex doll, but irrelevant. People who pin their emotions on silicone dolls are generally house man.

Some players have never used the sexual function of a doll, but instead use it as their daughter. They will name their dolls. Usually, the doll will be combed and bought, and the panties will be put on her. After dressing up, some players will take her out to the library, museums, and parks.

Some players are very old, and some may have passed away. They will customize their dolls in the same way as their wives, so that the dolls will continue to accompany them. They live like normal couples. They treat dolls like their own wives, dress them carefully and take care of them.

So the doll is already a true companion. Despite the prosthetic limbs on these lines, this is just a sex toy without emotions.

Many people can't understand this kind of feeling, but in fact, think about it, what can't you choose your favorite lifestyle without prejudice to the life of others and social stability?

After all, if people live in this world, it is already a rare thing to have some comfort.

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