140cm 4.59ft Sex Doll Teresa Palmer 1
140cm 4.59ft Sex Doll Teresa Palmer 2
140cm 4.59ft Sex Doll Teresa Palmer 3
140cm 4.59ft Sex Doll Teresa Palmer 4
140cm 4.59ft Sex Doll Teresa Palmer 5
140cm 4.59ft Sex Toys on Sale Teresa Palmer
140cm 4.59ft Sex Toys on Sale Teresa Palmer
140cm 4.59ft Sex Toys on Sale Teresa Palmer

140cm 4.59ft Sex Toys on Sale Teresa Palmer

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Teresa Palmer is a sound engineer sex toy on sale. Many times she likes to go to the bar to listen to songs. She likes the atmosphere of the bar and also goes to different bars to experience different sound effects. Sometimes when she gets drunk, she will take off her pants at the bathroom door of the bar, and then reveal her wonderful hips. Many men in the bar saw it and couldn't help but want to put out a chicken and hit her ass. Do you also want to have sex with Teresa Palmer?

Material:Medical Grade TPE
Skin Color:Tan
Height:55.12 inch(140 cm)
Weight:50.6 lbs(23 kg)
Bust:27.16 inch(69 cm)
Waist:19.68 inch(50 cm)
Hip:29.92 inch(76 cm)

3 Entries Of Penetration:Oral, Anal, Vaginal
Oral Depth:5.12 inch(13 cm)
Anal Depth:7.09 inch(18 cm)
Vaginal Depth:7.08 inch(18 cm)
Package Size:132*40*27 cm(51.97*15.75*10.63 inch)

Package include:
1 * Sex Toy on Sale
1 * Wig(Optional, Sent at random)
1 * Clothes(Sexy Lingerie, Sent at random)
1 * Cleaning Pot

Installing head:
Use the screw connector and body attached to the product.
1. Rotate the screw at the hole of the head.
2. Put the head to align the holes of the body. Then you can rotate the head until you feel it will not drop.
3. Note: Do not over-rotate the head. Prevent damage to the hole at the joint of the head.

1.These sex toys on sale are made of safe TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), which is harmless to human and odorless. The skin is elastic and easy to restore the original appearance after deformation.
2.Advanced stainless steel skeleton and joints. Skeleton is made of stainless steel. Extends service life while keeping joints flexibility.
3.Cleaning: Advanced TPE cover the skeleton. The surface of the skin is waterproof. You can wash it by water or in a warm bath. Compatible with most of the water-based and oil-based detergent. Use baby powder to pat on the skin surface to reduce oily and make the skin smoother.
4.Note: Please do not touch the skin with sharp objects to avoid damaging the surface of the skin. Store in dry condition. Please avoid direct sunlight. Please do not wear clothes that are easy to dye.